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  • Hairgrips and Hairpins
  • Hanger Hooks
  • Hanger Clips
  • Hook and Eyes
  • Bucket Handles
  • Tweezzers
  • Bra Wire
Our News
Bucket Handles And Rings

» Bucket Handles
» Bucket Handle Plastics
» Different Ring Closures
Hooks And Clips For Coat Hanger İndustry

» Hooks For Coat Hanger Industry
» Clips For Coat Hanger Industry
Manicure And Kuafor Accessories

» Hairgrips
» Nailfiles
» Nail Clipper
» Twezzer
» Manicure Set
Electro Galvanic And Heat Treatment

» Zinc Coating
» Nickel Coating
» Brass Coating
» Copper Coating
» Heat Treatment
Textil And Underwear Accessories

» Hook & Eyes For Brassiere
» Bra-Wire For Brassiere
» Metal - Plastic Rings & Sliders for Brassiere
» Shirt Pins
» Shirt Clips
Wire Hangers And Forms

» Wire Hangers, Different Forms
» Wire Forms
» Metal Strip Forms
» Cutting Forms
» U Form Hooks
» S Form Hooks
» Gravity Rings
» Label Clips

» Staplers
» Perforator
» Diary Holder
» Paperclip
» Paper Pins
Ball Chains

» Brass Ball Chains
» Ferrum Ball Chains
» Painted Ball Chains
» Special Ball Chains
Spring And Coil İndustry

» Pressure Springs
» Tension Springs
» Car İndustry Springs
» Hook Springs
Greenhouse Accessories

» Tomato Hooks
» Tomato Clips
» Truss Support Clips
» J Type Tomato Hooks

» Painted Wire
» Nylon Coated Wire
» Pet Coated Wire
» Pet Coated Flat Wire
» Brass Coated Wire


Our company was founded by Mr. Mehmet Pir in year 1960 and gained its corporate identity in year 1985.

Since the day of its foundation, it adopted high quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction as principles and making production with high standards by using the developing technology in two seperate facilities occupying a production area of 12.000 square meters in accordance with these principles and together with its staff in a team spirit.

With the wide range of products and making production according to customers’ demands as well, it gives quality, quick and trustworthy service to its valuable customers.

Human Resources

In order to respond the demands in the market instantly, we are setting strategical and performance supportive goals to the brains having customer oriented attitude, being positive, innovative, open to change and caring to zooming ahead.

Our company adopting high quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction as principles since its foundation, is giving important career opportunities to young and vigorous people.

We love the World and we save the Nature

Pir-Inci is aware of environmental problems.
Pir-Inci is using advanced technologies to minimize the waste and maximize the recycling.
Pir-Inci has invested on a recycled water treatment facility, which is purifying dirty water with chemical treatment, filtration and reverses osmosis.
On this way, Pir-Inci can gain %70 of the water and use it back in the production.